Thursday, August 20, 2009


How can I contact you about broken links (or whatever)?

You can send me a message via my rosprites tumblr! The askbox is always open and you can send messages anonymously there, too.

You can also message me @angevon through twitter. I check that every day!

You can also add me on skype. live:fwuffles (my name is 'Anvegon R')

Otherwise, send me an email or message to:

fwuffles < shift 2 > - MSN. Please put "sprites" or "broken link" or something like that in the subject line.

Also, if you're reporting a broken link, please describe what page and which link in a detailed way so that I know what you're talking about.

Did you make these sprites / can you make me sprites?

No. They are from Ragnarok Online. I'm not a spriter. I do not claim these sprites as my own; they have been ripped from the game's client into sheets so that people may make cool forum signatures or comics or whatever with them.

Gravity owns the license to the sprites and they must NOT be used for commercial purposes!

How do I open .zip files?

Jzip or 7-zip

What are these effects with a black background?

Those are alpha channel effects. The details are beyond me; basically they are sprites with transparency so their background cannot be cleared.

How do these sheets get made in the first place?

When I make sheets, I use Grftool to find and extract the .spr files in the game client, SPRConview to change them into bitmaps, Irfanview to batch convert them into PNG format, and then Sprite Sheet Maker to compile them into one file.

I have a sheet that you're missing. Will you put it up?

Yes, please send it to me at my email address listed above! If you made a sheet for me, I'll definitely give you credit, too.

Please note I do not want custom sprites, just official ones from the game.

Can I link to your site?

Yes, of course!

Why don't you have the official dye palettes for the classes?

There are what, 4 palettes for each class, and how many classes? Not to mention the mounted sprites. It would take far too much time for me to make that many sheets, sorry!

When are you going to update?

Once or twice a month is the plan!

Fixed Broken Links

Kafra Dolls headgear.

No Background

Ranger's Warg.

No Background

Update on transfer
Started moving monsters over to the new site.

So far got...