Sunday, September 13, 2009

External Links

Done getting sprites? Here are other Ragnarok Online-based links you may want to check out.


The iRO wiki --- your source for iRO info

[nn] at NachtWolke --- sprite ID lists

RO Cards ---a forum

RateMyServer --- sims and a database

Rune Nifelheim --- en EspaƱol

Jysa's Ragnarok Monster List --- quick resource for monsters and their stats

Background HQ --- RO background textures in top-down view


Poring Pelters --- A sprite comic by me, Angevon.

Ragnarok Wisdom --- Hand-drawn comics by Aragan the Acolyte.

Portal Hopping --- An old sprite comic by Sir Hawkeye.

Al de Baran --- A sprite comic by Kristin Harris.

Ragnadventure --- A sprite comic by Tinala.

Redemption of Heroes --- A sprite comic by Zerolimits.