Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NPCs: Dew town, Anthro cats & dogs

The rest of the NPC update. (In case you missed it, the NPC Cats from a few days ago):

Anthro Cats

Anthro Dogs

Dew Town NPCs (or w/e it's called)

Rafflesia NPCs

Monster NPCs (Aster and Nekoring + some old ones - Got rid of Bongun & Munak sheet and put them on this)

Updated the following:

Animals: Elephant & Watermelon

Animated Females: Starfish Girl

Fairies: A couple more fairies

Merchant: A couple more alchemists

Objects: A few vending machines,a crack, a single-frame soil (monster or object or what?) and a tomb

Thief: Loki and Misty

Unsorted: Nydhoggr or however it's spelled.

The NPC .zip files have been updated and contain these.