Sunday, September 30, 2012

NPC Additions

News: The heads page table has been fixed so that all colors show up.

New NPCs have been added to the following sheets:

NPC Children ("sarah baby" added)

NPC Male ("levitateman", "chief irin" added)

NPC Jobs ("melody", "iu", "ragi", "royal guard" added)

NPC Monsters ("coco" added)

NPC Female ("himel" added)

NPC Warrior ("iris", "khalitzburg", "white knight", "heinrich" added)

NPC Objects ("trace" added)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New headgear, new carts, and broken links fixed

New merchant carts!

Here's a headgear sprite update.

They are unsorted for now -- I'll work on sorting them better over the next few weeks.

Someone from twitter kindly told me about some broken direct links, so I've fixed them.

If you've got the zip for monsters, then you already have these sheets. They were just missing from the website.

Thorn / Entweihen Ghost

Zhu Po Long / Dancing Dragon

Also I had forgot to make any link to Tristan the 3rd's ghost so here it is:

Also someone else from twitter told me about NPC Anthro Cats not working, so here:

In other news, due to Photobucket's dreadul new forced filename scramble policy, we will be moving away from it in the future unless they change it.

I'm not sure what we'll be moving to. Right now I'm trying out

It seems basic but works so far.

It looks like Photobucket has got its act together (thank the Powers That Be, because it's the easiest-to-use image hoster in my experience) so I've updated the links to use it instead.

Zips have been updated to contain the new sheets.