Sunday, December 8, 2013

Octoberfest Clothes

A costume apparently for Octoberfest. They don't seem to have sitting sprites. You can get them in the updated Classes zip file.



Sunday, November 10, 2013

Alpha Channel Headgears

Another headgears update. This time, it's headgear with alpha channel effects. You can get them in the updated Headgears zip file.

Some of these have weird background colors (poring ufo and rainbow star) -- that's how they were in the files.

10th Anniversary Hat

Angelwing Poring Balloon

Brunhild's Crown

Claw Helmet

Dark Flame

Glowing Santa Poring

Halloween Hat


MVP Basketball

Poring UFO

Rainbow Star



Saturday, October 19, 2013

Headgears Update

Some new headgear sheets and additions to old ones. As always, you can get all of the changes in the updated Headgears zip file.

New "Animated 5" Sheet

New "Hats 5" Sheet

Addition to "Animals 2" sheet - Scorpion Hat, Lobster Hat

Addition to "Animal Animated 2" sheet - Pecopeco cap

Additions to Crowns and Circlets sheet - Rainbow Star, Carnival Circlet

Addition to Masks sheet - Orochimaru's Mask, Flower Pot Mask

Addition to Food sheet - Weiss Beer, Shaved Ice

Addition to Glasses sheet - Cat's Eye and Poring Sunglasses

Additions to Hairpins sheet - Red Vane Hairpin

Additions to Lower Headgear sheet - Many additions

Additions to Lower Animated Headgear sheet - Ifrit Breath and Golden Fish in Mouth

Saturday, October 12, 2013

NPCs Update

NPCs update. Everything is updated in the NPCs zip file.

List of changes:
New sprites:
4_MAN_GALTUN, 4_HUMAN_GERUTOO added to fairies
MOB_TOMB, 4_SHOAL, 4_GARGOYLE_STATUE added to objects
4_F_SARAH added to female
4_M_UMKID added to umbala
4_M_BARMUND, 4_M_CAVE1, 4_M_CASMAN1 to Male

Other changes:
Previously "Unsorted" jobs added to the correct Job-based sheet.
Some quest sprites removed from Swordsman-based jobs and put into an Unsorted sheet.
4_M_HUGRANFA moved from Male to Elders
2_M_SAGE_B moved from Merchant-based to Mage-based.
Baryo, Moscovia, Brasilis, Malaya NPCs combined into one sheet.
Repeat sprites removed from Animated Male and Animated Female.
Effects sheet made for "4_LEVITATEMAN"
4_M_OLIVER moved from Animals to Male
Anthro Cats sheet and Anthro Dogs sheet combined into one sheet.
Various dead/sleeping NPCs moved into Dead sheet.

I'm only going to link the sheets with new sprites below; see the actual NPCs page to get them, or just get the ZIP.

Levitate -- 4_LEVITATEMAN

Fairies -- '4_HUMAN_GERUTOO' and '4_MAN_GALTUN'

Objects -- '4_SHOAL' and 'MOB_TOMB' and '4_GARGOYLE_STATUE'

Umbala -- '4_M_UMKID'

Male -- '4_M_BARMUND' and '4_M_CAVE1' and '4_M_CASMAN1'

Female -- '4_F_SARAH'