Sunday, February 3, 2013

NPC: Tower, sakray, skullgirl, ghost, and more

Here are the new NPCs that I promised.

"tower" npcs

Animated F sheet was split since the sheet was long; the new sheet contains "4_f_skull06girl"

The following have been updated to have new sprites:

Dead Undead - "4_ghost_stand" added

Female - "4_f_believer01", "4_f_fenrir", "4_f_lydia" added

Male - "4_m_tamarin", "academy_master", "4_m_believer01", "4_m_believer02" added

Merchant - "4_f_geffen_fay" added

Objects - "4_brickpile", "4_cookiehouse", "4_woodpile", "4_nonmystcase", "4_ropepile" added

Warrior - "thanatos_battle", "thanatos_keep", "4_m_sakray", "4_m_sakray_tied", "4_m_sakrayroyal" added

Thief - "4_f_lucile" added

Next time we'll have new "Geffen" monsters and/or special effects from the ACT files to some of these NPCs