Sunday, March 31, 2013

XM Monsters


Hey all, I realize photobucket is resizing images. I'm working on finding a fix or an alternative.
In the meantime please download the ZIP files for monsters instead. I have updated the ZIP files for this purpose.
We might be going to ZIP only because this is quite a hard problem to solve.


All of these image URLs in this current post have been updated using Smugmug and no longer seem to resize. Enjoy. I'll be slowly fixing older posts and everything else. There are a lot of sheets so please bear with me. Please download the ZIPs instead if you can.

Update 2

Seems like if you put ":original" at the end of a photobucket image it will display the original file. For example "[photobucket url]Torturous_Redeemer.png:original" I'm sorry for all the trouble this has caused you all.

Update 3

We're switching to Imgur. I'll be updating links all over the website over the next few months.
Torturous Redeemer

XM Celine Kimi

XM Cookie

XM Cruiser

XM Hylozoist

XM Lude

XM Marionette

XM Mystcase

XM Teddy Bear

XM Tree