Sunday, June 30, 2013

NPCs Update

I've renamed some sheets and removed duplicate sprites from some. Everything is updated in the NPCs zip file.




Sprite Additions

Added "4_f_jp_noah" to the "Job" sheet.

Added "4_f_son" to "Animated Male" sheet.

Added "4_f_nacoruri" and "4_f_shaman" to "Animated Female 2" sheet.

"4_jp_mid_swim" to "Male"

"4_jp_rune_swim" to "Female"
(Outdated links, get them from NPCs page)

"e_python_skin" to "Objects" and effect from some frozen NPCs

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Small Classes Updates

I've remade some sheets and added some small corrections. All the changes have been applied to the classes zips as well.

Female Ranger Warg has corrected dead sprites.

New Rune Knight Ferus sheets using the "new" RK sprites

Gunslinger Male and Female sheets remade

Ninja Male and Female sheets remade