Saturday, August 17, 2013

Headgears Update

Some new sheets and additions to old ones. As always, you can get all of the changes in the updated Headgears zip file.

Don't forget to get the new Gunslinger class sprites, Rebellion, from last week.

Update: Mounts and weapons are here. I've also updated the Classes and Weapons zip files.

Angel Wings Recolors

There might only be two right now but we can be sure there'll be more...

Isabella Ears Recolors

New "Animated 04" Sheet - Rainbow Veil, Evil Marching Hat, Evil Druid Hat, Hair of the Strong

New "Porings 02" Sheet - Gold Ingot Poring, Little Deviling, Marin Crown, Angeling Fur Hat

New "Unsorted 03" Sheet - cbb to sort these. Candy, Bee, Can, etc.

Bunny Band Recolors - two of these were on "Headbands" but I moved them here, and the rest are new. I went with spr name for naming.

Addition to Drooping Cats sheet - Indigo Drooping Cat

Additions to Hats 4 sheet - Airplane Hat, Black Rabbit Hat, etc.

Addition to Headbands 2 sheet - ??? - I couldn't translate it. It's next to Cat Lace Hairband.

Addition to Helmets sheet - Siegfried's Helmet

Addition to Hoods sheet - White Cat Hood

Addition to Horns sheet - Majorus Horns

Additions to Middle Animated Headgear sheet - Ifrit Eyes and ???

Additions to Middle Headgear sheet - Bloody Butterfly Ears

Additions to Plants sheet - Yello Yuzu, Maneater Flower, Woodie, Carnation Hairband, White Lily

Addition to Ribbons sheet - Saint Frill Ribbon

Additions to Robe Items sheet - Amistr Bag, some sort of wings

Deprecated updates -- see the current headgears page for these updates.
Additions to Lower Headgear sheet - Many additions
Addition to Food sheet - Gelato Hat, Rice Ball Hat
Addition to Glasses sheet - Wing Glasses
Additions to Hairpins sheet - Butterfly Hairpin, Twin Butterfly Hairpin
Additions to Crowns and Circlets sheet - Kreimhild's Crown, Sky Crown, Carnation Wreath, Gladiator's Crown
New "Animal" Sheet - Scrat Hat, Eclipse Hat, Niffleheim Bat, Tendrilion, Husky, Thoth, Monkey Fur Hat
New "Animal Animated" Sheet - Panda, Rainbow Octopus, Dove, Crow