Saturday, October 19, 2013

Headgears Update

Some new headgear sheets and additions to old ones. As always, you can get all of the changes in the updated Headgears zip file.

New "Animated 5" Sheet

New "Hats 5" Sheet

Addition to "Animals 2" sheet - Scorpion Hat, Lobster Hat

Addition to "Animal Animated 2" sheet - Pecopeco cap

Additions to Crowns and Circlets sheet - Rainbow Star, Carnival Circlet

Addition to Masks sheet - Orochimaru's Mask, Flower Pot Mask

Addition to Food sheet - Weiss Beer, Shaved Ice

Addition to Glasses sheet - Cat's Eye and Poring Sunglasses

Additions to Hairpins sheet - Red Vane Hairpin

Additions to Lower Headgear sheet - Many additions

Additions to Lower Animated Headgear sheet - Ifrit Breath and Golden Fish in Mouth