Saturday, October 12, 2013

NPCs Update

NPCs update. Everything is updated in the NPCs zip file.

List of changes:
New sprites:
4_MAN_GALTUN, 4_HUMAN_GERUTOO added to fairies
MOB_TOMB, 4_SHOAL, 4_GARGOYLE_STATUE added to objects
4_F_SARAH added to female
4_M_UMKID added to umbala
4_M_BARMUND, 4_M_CAVE1, 4_M_CASMAN1 to Male

Other changes:
Previously "Unsorted" jobs added to the correct Job-based sheet.
Some quest sprites removed from Swordsman-based jobs and put into an Unsorted sheet.
4_M_HUGRANFA moved from Male to Elders
2_M_SAGE_B moved from Merchant-based to Mage-based.
Baryo, Moscovia, Brasilis, Malaya NPCs combined into one sheet.
Repeat sprites removed from Animated Male and Animated Female.
Effects sheet made for "4_LEVITATEMAN"
4_M_OLIVER moved from Animals to Male
Anthro Cats sheet and Anthro Dogs sheet combined into one sheet.
Various dead/sleeping NPCs moved into Dead sheet.

I'm only going to link the sheets with new sprites below; see the actual NPCs page to get them, or just get the ZIP.

Levitate -- 4_LEVITATEMAN

Fairies -- '4_HUMAN_GERUTOO' and '4_MAN_GALTUN'

Objects -- '4_SHOAL' and 'MOB_TOMB' and '4_GARGOYLE_STATUE'

Umbala -- '4_M_UMKID'

Male -- '4_M_BARMUND' and '4_M_CAVE1' and '4_M_CASMAN1'

Female -- '4_F_SARAH'