Friday, January 10, 2014

Headgears Update

Some new headgear sheets and additions to old ones. As always, you can get all of the changes in the updated Headgears zip file.

New Sheets

New "Animated 6" Sheet

New "Sad Spirit" Sheet - I couldn't make sense of google translate so I just named it that. It's an Alpha Channel headgear.

Additions to Sheets

Misc Alpha Channel Headgear - Globe Hat

Hairpins - added Home Cherry Blossom, Lovers Memory

Hats 2 - added Black Cat Ear Beret

Hats 5 - added several new headgears

Headdress - added Levitt Headdress

Helmets - added RWC 3rd Winner Hat

Hoods - added Evolved Whisper Mask

Lower Headgears - added Wine and Shaving Foam

Masks - added Lude Mask

Unsorted 01 - added Pink Poo Poo Hat

Unsorted 03 - added RWC Rocket Hat